‘The House Near The Woods’ By Krishna K Verma

“It was raining. I hurried to the only house I could see at a distant from the woods. My legs freezed the moment I saw a man (around his late 20s) sitting at the verandah leaving the door ajar. He was looking straight at me expressionless. I walked slowly towards him. I did not realise when my surprise look turned into sadness. I could see the mark his tears have left on his cheeks. The more I went closer the clearer I could see his dry lips. May be I should have told him about why was I there but I unknowingly bent down to touch his hands. I felt hypnotised or it may that I could feel how he is feeling. But the moment I touched him I immediately removed my hand because it was way too cold. He fell on my lap. I threw him aside and crawled few steps back out of fear. Then, I saw a photo that fell off of his hand. I gathered enough strength to look at the photo. I figured out that it was of a girl but it was tampered. Then, I made him sit and was keeping that photo in his hand thats when I found something written on the back of that photo. I took that photo and read, “I had told you don’t leave me ever because I can’t live without you. Please come soon. I love you…”. A sudden tears began rolling down my cheeks and I shouted my heart out for my helplessness because I could not remember anything after that accident on the day I left cursing him to die. I survived that accident but I was killing him since that day itself. I felt guilt, anger, love, helplessness and need for his presence. This is all that I got from the diary I found beside the dead couple embracing each other…” © Krishna K Verma


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